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In an industry increasingly filled with competition, data overload, segment upon segment of expertise and niche slants, it can be difficult, costly and time consuming to research facts and trends outside the familiar local market. BHA’s worldwide network and years of experience provide for a swift, complete and reliable resource to the everyday or unusual hotel management and operation situations. 


Boutique Hotel Advisors is a specialized hospitality information resource that provides customized, partner-level services for owners, investors and operators of independent hotels, resorts, and residences.   BHA’s staff  are experienced market leading hoteliers from operations, sales, marketing, and management in all segments of the hotel industry.

BHA’s guiding principle is “better informed decision making” for hotel owners and operators. 

Each advisor is recognized in the industry with more than a decade of front-line hands-on experience among the world’s most recognized hotels.  They have operated within the most competitive markets and demanding clientele.  BHA’s distinguished and diverse careers in all aspects of hotel sales, marketing and operations are founded on the experiences and the key roles each advisor has played in developing, opening, sustaining, acquiring, and repositioning of international hotels and destinations.

As owners and managers in the independent hotel market are more ‘attached’ to their hotel, their decisions are often ‘emotional’ or ‘personal’.  It takes discipline to step outside of the immediate nature and review true business alternatives that are better chosen with objective rational criteria.  Popular matters include; management review, executive analysis, sales representation, brand selection, marketing alliances, and partnerships. These subjects are thoroughly evaluated for results, recognition, and resources actually provided and that can be measured and calculated as an undisputable return on your cost.

We understand, from our experience, the ins and outs of management companies.  We objectively reveal and assist to gather and verify qualifications, references capabilities,  contractual obligations and positions, operator fees and performance criteria, and systems to oversee and measure operator performance.  On behalf of owners, we employ a systematic approach for selecting hotel management companies and the process that will maximize the benefit for the property owner.  Specifically, we provide expert, qualitative assessments, among other matters, to the items listed above.




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Management Company Selection

Hotel Management Company Review

Hotel Contract Negotiations

Management Company Audit

Condo Hotel Solutions

Boutique Hotel Feasibility Study

Due Diligence for Hotel Buyers

Technical Services Evaluation

Owner Representation & Asset Manager

Executive Staff Review

Strategic Partnerships

Hotel Price Valuation

Direction & Plan Implementation

Interior Design & Specification Consulting

Renovation Planning & Design

Competitive Set Analysis

Hotel Expert Witness Testimony

Hotel Market Analysis

Condo Hotel Mediation Services

Interim and Temporary Management

Hotel Owner Arbitration Services

Independent Financial Negotiations

Hotel Contract Negotiations

Brand Affiliation Review

Management Company Performance

Hotel Partnership Valuation

Market Recognition & Credibility

Boutique Hotel Business Trends

Boutique Operating Strategies

De-Flag Hotel & Flag Evaluations

John Sears is a principal and partner of Boutique Hotel Advisors.  A career hotelier, professional consultant and facilitator whose pedigree includes Mobil awarded five-star hotel management to ownership participation of a market leading independent boutique hotel.  John has a balanced background in operations, sales, marketing, contract negotiations, development, property evaluations and acquisitions.

Prior to BHA, John served as vice president of sales & development for Boutique Hotels & Resorts International S.A. where he led the company growth to one-hundred-four hotels in thirty-six  countries and worked first-hand with  their owner’s and management teams.  Previous to Boutique, he formed the North American Conference Center Alliance.  He continues to lead the industry in joint-venture marketing for independently owned and operated  lifestyle hotels, clubs,  and conferencing venues.   John has been a featured speaker at several of the industries major events, including The Lodging Conference Phoenix, Hotels World Sydney,  ITB Berlin, International Luxury Travel Market Cannes, World Travel Market London, Arabian Travel Market Dubai, Asia Travel Market Shanghai, Boutique Lodging Miami, HotelEx Shanghai.

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